Dr. Asutosh Mehta


Dr. Asutosh Mehta

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M D General Physician
Dr. Asutosh is a specialist in Internal Medicine with over 15 years of experience in diagnosis, management and treatment of the above mentioned diseases. He is adept at caring for patients of diverse backgrounds and in setting of varying acuity. He is a master at reacting calmly and efficiently in emergency situations and complies strictly to qualify, safety and precision standards.

Education & Trainings

  • M.D (Physician) Dagestan State Medical Academy, CIS

Professional Experience

  • Consultant Physician : Vrindavan Hospital, Noida, NCR, India
  • Senior Resident - Gastroenterology : Rajeev Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • Senior Resident - Internal Medicine : Guru Tej Bahadur Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • Junior Consultant : Jeewan hospital and Surya Hospital, New Delhi, India


  • Handling of 40-50 OPD cases per day in the Department of Internal Medicine
  • Managing patients in ICU and wards
  • Disciplined doctor with 15 years of experience in public hospitals.
  • Specialised in internal medicine and highly skilled in testing and diagnostic procedures.
  • Oversee ICU and effectively manage a team of junior doctors.
  • Efficient communicator with excellent organisational and time-management capabilities.


  • Management of Diabetes / Hypertension
  • Management of Infectious diseases
  • Management of Endocrine disorders
  • Management of Diseases of the Heart and Lungs
  • Management of Haematological disorders
  • Management of Viral and Parasitic diseases.

Registrations & Licences

  • MDCN Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
  • MCI - Medical Council of India
  • DMC Delhi Medical Council

Skill Highlights

  • Medical Critical Care Aptitude
  • Decision Making under pressure
  • Clinical Acumen
  • High Ethical standards
  • Level-Headed
  • Professional demeanour
  • Empathic communication

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